Would you like to be a Dolly Day visitor?

You are a very important part of the event, so we want to try to facilitate your attendance as much as possible.

In the general information section you will find everything related to the area where the event is located, the schedule, map … as well as where to stay and spend your free time.

If you already have decided to attend and you have everything organized, we give you the following tips:

Follow us on Facebook to be aware of all the news.
Buy your ticket online when it goes on sale, this way you make sure you have a welcome pack.
Look at all the activities that are done in the event to organize your day.
Once published the list of stand give some time to visit the websites of the exhibitors to know their work.
Create your own route, with the event map organizes your shopping preferences, remember that there are exclusive items that fly!
Check the Raffle section to know what dolls and items will be available in this activity.

And above all and most importantly ENJOY THE EVENT!