Welcome to the Charles’ Colouring Contest section, a brand new activity for this year’s purple edition!


In order to join in this activity you will need to pick up your colours: pencils, watercolours, crayons… the limit is your imagination!

You only need to download Charles’ Creature Cabinet gorgeous creatures’ “lineart” on this site, colour it as you like and send it to Purple Dolly Day’s staff for a chance to win a beautiful Mura Kitty in colour Purple.

In order to secure your entry, all of you need to send your work to dollydayevent@gmail.com with subject”CCC Contest” plus you name, and on the day of the event bring it to the Staff Stand.

Last minute participations on the same day of the event will be possible but space will be limited so we cannot guarantee participation to anybody who does not send us their drawing before May 27th.

¿You can’t come to the event but want to join in? You can send us your drawing via email anyway, but keep in mind the image quality should be good enough to be exhibited and judged by our jury.

Charlew himself will choose the winner from all participations that will be exhibited, so be ready to amaze him!

You can see an example painted by Charles himself, we hope it can inspire you as much as it inspired us!


This marvelous drawing was created by the charming Peddy Reed.