Do you want to sponsorize us? Thank you!

Have you read our PERKS page and you about the privileges that you will enjoy?

Sporizing us is very easy, you just have to send us an email to:

 With the following:

  • Name of sponsor
  • Name of the sponsor’s shop
  • Link to your online platform (Which we will use when announcing your donation!)
  • Your logo in High Definition (300 ppi or higher)
  • Photo or description of the donated item/s
  • Kind of doll the item is for

We will answer to you as soon as we can and we will give you an address so you can ship to us your donation. If you’re going to attend the event, you can give us the donation then, but keep in mind you’ll need to send us a photo before the event.

You should keep in mind the event’s date, because the items should arrive at least a month before so we can take photos of it and announce it to our followers. In the case that you can’t you may ship it so that it arrives at least a week before the event, and you must send us the photos beforehand.

If you have any doubts, please don’t hesitate in contacting us!