What is DOLLY DAY?

As the name shows, it is a day for all doll lovers, and we have also wanted to dedicate it to a good cause each year.

Is it a regular doll event then?

Yes and no. We want to go further and create something that it is not only a doll event. We want it to be a day when all the doll community can come together and join in for a good cause, where all can be protagonists in our way. Above all we want this to be an oportunity for all the people in this wonderful hobby, and to share all the good things that it bring us to collectives less fortunate. And help all that we can!

Dolly Day is a doll event at heart, so it will be a space where you will be able to show off your work, meet marvelous artists, participate in fun activities, win raffles… an entire world of possibilities for you to enjoy with friends and your dolls!